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Our Fremont Chiropractor Staff Diagnoses & Treats Lower Back Pain

Fremont chiropractor Dr. Troy Brainard is an experienced and highly skilled clinician who's worked with thousands of individuals struggling with lower back pain. Affecting as many as 70% of us at least once in a lifetime, back pain can and does respond positively to the type of holistic and natural wellness care services we offer at our clinic. 

Man with lower back pain needs chiropractic care.

Common Conditions Associated with Lower Back Pain & Their Causes

Through a combination of physical tests and imaging techniques, our chiropractor in Fremont NE frequently detects conditions such as:

  • Arthritis - inflammation of the vertebral joints
  • Muscle spasms and strains - injury to the microfibers (ligaments and tendons are also at risk)
  • Stenosis - narrowing of the canal where the spinal cord travels
  • Radiculopathy - compression of a nerve in the lower back (sciatica is a type of nerve compression affecting the sciatic nerve specifically, also occurring in the lower back)
  • Disc herniation, bulge, or degeneration - injury to a lumbar disc 
  • Joint subluxations - misalignments of the vertebral joints 

Why might such conditions occur? Common risk factors include age (especially for males between 30 and 55), occupation (physically demanding or highly sedentary), smoking, obesity, repetitive bending, lifting, or twisting, heavy lifting, or even a prior history of a back injury.

Additionally, acute incidents such as an auto accident, sports injury, or personal injury can lead to acute back pain and chronic back pain, especially if left untreated. 

Common Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

People who experience lower back pain often report that their back feels constantly dull, achy, and tender to touch. They may also notice pain, burning, numbness, tingling, and weakness extending into the buttocks, leg, and foot (particularly if a nerve is being compressed in the low back).

Many people with lower back have decreased the range of motion in their hips. They may have poor standing and sitting tolerance, as well as other types of postural abnormalities which can increase the stress in their lower back. 

How our Chiropractor in Fremont Diagnoses & Manages Lower Back Pain 

Dr. Brainard is committed to helping patients with low back pain achieve symptom relief and address the underlying cause of their symptoms for longer lasting results. Come to our chiropractor in Fremont for helpful services like:

  • Spinal manipulations - which can realign spinal joints and stimulate natural pain relief
  • Cold laser therapy - to facilitate pain reduction, reduced inflammation, and cellular regeneration
  • Corrective exercises and ergonomics training - to improve your core stability and body mechanics

Are You One of the Millions of People Living with Lower Back Pain?

Get non-invasive and drug-free care at Brainard Chiropractic by contacting our clinic at (402) 727-8668.