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Our Fremont Chiropractor Answers Shoulder Pain FAQs for Our Community!

Dr. Troy Brainard is proud to be a Fremont chiropractor who has helped local Nebraskans find answers about their common ailments. Shoulder pain is a problem he sees among people young and old, and he's happy to answer some frequently asked questions. Brainard Chiropractic is happy to answer some of the most common questions about shoulder pain.

man suffering from shoulder pain in his office

What Are Common Causes of Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder pain is often caused by overuse: perhaps someone frequently performs tasks overhead or moves their arms a lot for sports or work. Poor posture is another cause, especially while sitting at a desk since the slouched posture can lead to tightness and shoulder misalignment. 

Acute injuries, including falls and auto accidents, are another common cause of shoulder pain. Interestingly, a problem in the neck (such as nerve impingement) can also refer to pain in the shoulder joint, so in many cases treating the spine as well as the shoulder is important for healing. 

Some specific conditions we evaluate and treat at our clinic include: 

  • Rotator cuff muscle strains and tears
  • Impingement syndrome (compression of a tendon against bones near the shoulder)
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Shoulder labrum tear
  • Biceps tendonitis
  • Adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)

What Symptoms Typically Present with Shoulder Pain?

A shoulder condition can present in a variety of different ways, but we frequently hear about common symptoms like:

  • Tenderness at the shoulder (it may hurt to sleep on it)
  • Achy, dull, sore, throbbing, or occasionally sharp pain, especially with certain movements
  • "Painful arcs" of motion and limited mobility overall 
  • Swelling and redness
  • The feeling/sound of instability, clicking, or popping

How Can a Chiropractor in Fremont Help Me Manage My Shoulder Pain? 

Dr. Brainard has a lot to offer you if you come in with shoulder pain. First, he'll perform a thorough evaluation to determine the diagnosis and underlying factors contributing to your issues. Next, he'll devise an individualized treatment plan—no drugs or invasive interventions necessary— to get your shoulder functioning optimally and help you feel better ASAP. Common techniques and services for shoulder pain treatment may include:

  • Cold laser therapy: the use of light can stimulate healing changes in the tissue through a process called "photobiomodulation"
  • Extremity adjustments and spinal adjustments: realign the shoulder and the spine upon which it rests; trigger the release of natural pain relievers
  • Biofreeze: topical ointment that provides fast pain relief

We also can prescribe exercises for tissue healing and strengthening, postural education, and lifestyle recommendations.

Got Shoulder Pain? Contact Brainard Chiropractic in Fremont, NE for Quality & Natural Care!

Seeing a chiropractor for your shoulder pain may help you avoid surgery and long-term complications. To schedule an initial appointment with our chiropractor in Fremont, NE, contact Brainard Chiropractic now at (402) 727-8668.