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Whiplash Treatment at Brainard Chiropractic

Whiplash is an injury that occurs when the cervical spine jerks backward and forward. The cervical spine is the upper portion of the spine, extending from the upper back to the neck. This part of the spine functions to provide support and stability to the head of the body. When the cervical spine is jerked back and forth, it experiences stress that can cause pain. Whiplash commonly results from car accidents. 

Man with whiplash needs chiropractic care.

Symptoms of Whiplash

The biggest sign of whiplash is neck pain. However, this injury is often accompanied by other symptoms such as tingling, stiffness, strain, headaches, instability, and a limited range of motion. The severity of this condition can vary from mild discomfort to extreme pain. Some whiplash patients report mental health problems such as depression and anxiety while dealing with the issue.

Treatment for Whiplash

While some cases of whiplash may seem minor, it is still important for a person to check in with the doctor if he or she develops this injury. Injuries that start off mild can gradually worsen over time, especially if they are left untreated. Leaving whiplash untreated can also lower a person's quality of life; someone with whiplash will have difficulty moving around or performing head-turning tasks with ease. 

Luckily, there are effective chiropractic treatments available to those with whiplash. Injury rehabilitation, corrective exercises or stretches, and chiropractic adjustments have been known to aid in whiplash recovery. In chiropractic care, the doctor typically designs a treatment plan based on the patient's circumstances and desires. For some, certain treatment plans work better than others. In order to determine what kind of treatment is best for the patient, the doctor may ask questions about symptom severity or perform an examination to learn more about the patient's condition. 

Chiropractic Care in Fremont

Think that you may have whiplash? Brainard Chiropractic can provide quality healthcare to the people of Nebraska. Our Fremont chiropractor is providing clients a number of services, including chiropractic manipulation, laser therapy, and injury rehabilitation. We'll gladly help any client recover from a harmful condition like whiplash.

Here at Brainard Chiropractic, we place an emphasis on safe pathways toward healing. Our staff will come up with a fitting treatment plan that will promote full health and recovery. To schedule an appointment with our chiropractor in Fremont, please give us a call today at (402) 727-8668. Get it touch with Brainard Chiropractic today and we will fill you in on treatment options available for whiplash.